The Finance and Accounting Department comprises the Accounting and Procurement Sections.

The Accounting Section supports the Company’s mission and vision by providing Management with timely and accurate financial and cost information for strategic management and decision making.

The Procurement Section liaises with the other Departments to understand their current and anticipatory demand for goods, materials and services and develop plans, cost estimates, and schedules for integrating these needs into existing purchasing activities.  They also monitor, and regularly evaluate relationships and contracts with external suppliers so the Organization has a reliable supply of goods, materials and services that meet its standards of quality, timeliness and cost.

About us

TLOC was established as a result of a decision of the Government of Ghana in 1986 to build a Lubricant Blending Plant in the Country.  The government contracted Agip Petroli of Italy to design and construct the Plant.  The construction of the Plant was completed in 1991.

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