Tema Lube Oil Company Limited (TLOC) has a systematic approach to health, safety and environmental (HSE) management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement.  The Company manages HSE matters as any critical business activity, set standards and targets for improvement, measure, appraise and report performance verifiable by all stakeholders.  We are committed to practices that prevent personal injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental degradation in the workplace.

Leadership and Commitment

Management provides visible HSE leadership and commitment.  They establish HSE Policy, set objectives, and communicate these to the entire workforce and contractors.
They demonstrate their leadership and commitment by championing the development of a proactive HSE culture through education, visits, inspections, public statements, discussions and incident reviews with staff and contractors.

HSE Performance Targets

Performance Targets are set for HSE activities at the beginning of every year. The targets are set to ensure continuous improvements towards the achievement of Zero Lost Time Accident goal.

waste management

At TLOC, wastes are managed in accordance with the waste management plan specific to each operating department. The Waste Management Plan is designed to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and to protect human health and the environment. Our main objective is to minimize waste generation during operation and recycle waste wherever possible.

In conducting our activities, TLOC takes into consideration the efficient and sustainable use of resources, the minimization of adverse environmental impact and waste generation, and the safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes in compliance with best disposal methods.

The Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) treats waste water from the factory and renders the final outflow free of harmful pollutants.

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development by striking an optimal balance between economic, environmental and social development. We continue to innovate and adopt best working practices in consultation with stakeholders.