The Logistics and Distribution Department is responsible for the day-to-day logistics and distribution activities to maximize the efficiency, timeliness and cost effectiveness of TLOC supply chain.  The activities include:

  1. Materials Planning and Control    
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Storage and Warehousing
  4. Logistics
  5. Transport and Distribution

It liaises with other Departments to ensure that resources are timely provided for the production and supply of lubricants to satisfy customers.

TLOC does not have warehousing facilities for finished products.  The products are packed as requested by the OMCs and dispatched immediately to the OMCs’ warehouses and depots.

About us

TLOC was established as a result of a decision of the Government of Ghana in 1986 to build a Lubricant Blending Plant in the Country.  The government contracted Agip Petroli of Italy to design and construct the Plant...

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